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Nano Quadcopter Reviews

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SPACEBUG GT-JZ003-U Quadcopter Drone Flight Test Review


A standard brown cardboard box that has some really nice design printing greets you, inside is a plastic bed that holds the copter and 

transmitter as well as a small accessory bag.  Inside the accessory bag is the following:-

4 x Space propellers

1 x USB charger - although in my package this was missing.

The drone is fully assembled and as such means after a 50 minute charge you can start to fly, this copter can be flown inside and out.

The drone will allow approx 8 minutes of flight time.


The flight started off very well, the copter seemed to be responsive albeit very very slow to turn around, this however changed after 3 minutes of flying.  

I found the copter started to pull to one side so i applied a bit of trim and then the quadcopter spiralled out of control and hit the floor, fortunately it wasn’t travelling at full chat or very high.

I picked the quad up off the floor and noticed the left propeller arm was slightly bent, i gently moved that back into the correct position and started to fly again.  Something didn’t feel right when i took to the air again, so i took it slow and didn’t make any fast movements and surely enough it feel unresponsive and dropped out of the sky.

Overall 4/10

POSITIVES = Looks good, very quiet, unique transmitter style, good protective casing       

NEGATIVES = Quite fragile be careful of the propeller arms when landing, hard to control, turning is very slow 

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Tec.Bean X902 Nano Quadcopter Drone Flight Test Review - Inverted Propellers, Insectoid Looks.


This nano quadcopters packaging is very neat and tidy, once opened the box contains the following:-

1 x Quadcopter

1 x Accessory bag which contains 4 x spare propellers and 1 x USB charge cable

1 x Manual

1 x Transmitter

This nano drone looks unique as its propellers are inverted giving the drone a push operation and not a standard pull, this is the first of its kind i have seen and it really does stand out.

With this being a nano quadcopter there is not a lot of room for a battery, you will find it nested within a plastic cage underneath the copter.   It doesn’t come out so don’t apply pressure to remove it, although there is a small cable that pokes out for charging purposes.  Care will need to be taken with this cable as it is quite flimsy and would probably break easily.


I started to fly this copter in the same way as I would any other one, that was a mistake as with the inverted propellers this gave the quad A LOT of lift very very quickly.  Once the quad was safely back on the floor I then went about applying a small amount of pressure to the left analogue stick and the drone started to lift very slowly giving me much more control over its path.   Cornering this quad is a breeze so she will respond very quickly, that being said i found it better to not apply more power when turning and just let her ride the breeze of her own accord.

Any bump to the quadcopter will cause the plastic body to fall off which could cause some damage so care is required when landing this drone.  Another thing i noticed was the underside LED protector came loose form its screw and this had to be repaired before it would fly properly.


Overall 5/10         

POSITIVES = Stylish design, Inverted propellers mean tight control for cornering, LEDs are very bright making it easy to see   

NEGATIVES = Far too much low end power, body casing keeps coming off, LED protector kept coming loose, plastic is very flimsy.

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TEC.BEAN X902 BlackWidow Mini RC Quadcopter Drone with 3D Flip 2.4Ghz 6-Axis Gyro best for beginner 



Hubsan H111 Nano Q4 - The world's smallest quadcopter!


The package is small with a tiny plastic window which gives you a view of the quadcopter, there is a small amount of sellotape holding the box shut.  With that removed and the box opened the contents are as follows:-

1 x Quadcopter 

1 x Transmitter

1 x Accessory bag which includes 4 x spare propellers and a USB charger.

The drone is fixed to the cardboard holder with 4 very small elastic bands, this requires some skill to remove as with too much force the quadcopter may snap.


Once the quadcopter has had its 45 minute charge it is ready to fly, just add 2 x ‘AAA’ batteries (not included) to the transmitter then you are ready to go.  Bind the copter to the transmitter by moving the accelerator analogue stick (left one) up and down once each way now you can take off.  First impressions are good, the copter is very quick but stable and after the first crash landing things get easier, i found that outside with no wind or breeze it controls very easily with a max transmitter range of approx 30 feet.   A hard landing may cause the propellers to fall off as they are not screwed on, make sure when you put them back on that you put them on the right motor or the copter won’t take off.

Total flight time was around 15 minutes which is rated higher than the estimated time for this copter, overall a great little drone if you are after a nano.

Overall 7.5/10 

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Hubsan Q4 Nano Quadcopter Black Gift Boxed


Cheerson CX-10 Nano Quadcopter


When you hear people talking about nano quadcopters then you may be thinking of this one.  It has been around for a very long time, it is flown indoors and out, by children and adults alike.  The Cheerson CX-10 is very cheap quadcopter coming in between £8 - £12 that provides hours of fun.  Its packaging is easy to open with one small sticky tab to open.  On the inside the box consists of one moulded plastic insert in which sits the quadcopter, the transmitter is underneath the copter and the accessory bag consisting of 1 x USB cable (for charging) and 4 replacement propellers. 


In order to fly the quadcopter you will need to first charge it which will take between 30-45 minutes using the provided USB cable, the transmitter doesn’t allow charging so standard ‘AAA’ batteries are needed.   The quadcopter binds to the transmitter in seconds and on first try.  In flight, the copter responds well albeit it is very difficult to see when flying so dont go too far.  The transmitter range is between 30-50 feet (at best) it responds very quickly with every push of the controller analogue sticks.  The battery lasts for a modest 7 minutes before the quadcopter falls graciously to the ground. 

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Cheerson CX10 CX-10 6Axis 2.4G 4CH LED Mini RC Helicopter Quadcopter RTF

Overall 6/10