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For a while now i have been unboxing, reviewing and flying Quadcopters and it has grown very quickly so i decided to start writing reviews for the Quadcopters I flew.  This extra element makes me properly think about the Quadcopters i am flying as well as testing every part of it properly.  I hope you will join me on my journey, below are a few things you can expect from me.
  • Always free from repetition
  • Always fun
  • Weekly updates
  • Always unbiased reviews
  • Always honest reviews


For years I have always been fascinated by Quadcopters and Drones, but never entertained the idea of flying them, until recently.  I was watching the technology slowly taking off (sorry for the pun) and communities were starting and getting bigger, then peoples started building their own and I thought that I would give it a go.  So i bought my first Drone (JXD-509) and took it out for a flight,  within 10 minutes i got it stuck in a tree 5 days later a friend of mine was able to climb up the tree and get it out.  I vowed to take it slow and within a fortnight I was able to fly them and control the path they take and I loved it!  My advise to anyone would be take it slow and learn how to control them properly.   

Some facts about me.

  • I unbox, review and fly Quadcopters
  • I work for a medium sized ISP
  • I own 22 Quadcopters
  • I love Horror Movies